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A1, B1, B2 UK English Tests


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Islamabad/Mirpur /Lahore/Karachi

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International Recognition :

SLS Pakistan is main organization in Pakistan which is providing the UKBA Approved English Tests A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1 since 2010. Thousands of candidates has succeeded to get English certificates required for UK Visas. Our main head branch is in Jhelum city. Jhelum is about 100km (about on 1 hour drive) from capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. SLS is also conducting tests in major cities of Pakistan.
The SLS is committed to providing you with experiences which extend beyond local and national boundaries and many opportunities are available for further studies abroad. Strong worldwide links, international partnerships and agreements, together with our world-wide background, make us a best organization. Our overseas branch in UK helps the students in Europe.


Our Mission and Objectives :
SLS is a private multipurpose, an independent, co-educational, institution of Computer, Mobile, Languages, Professional & Technical   Education and also working as authorized representative of many International Colleges & Universities for South Asia. SLS is established in 2000. We are promoting students for Study Abroad. SLS is committed to preserving the quest for knowledge as more than simply a practical pursuit. The SLS also pursues excellence in education through research and high teaching standards, in a continually improving academic environment, through its broad range of programs. SLS Group consist of four branches world wide, each branch further consist of:

  • SLS English Language Centres.

  • SLS Computer Centres.

  • SLS Visa Centrers.

  • SLS Vocational Centres.

  • SLS Traders (Imports/Exports).

All the above contribute to SLS vision for the future, and are encapsulated in our motto "Excellence in Education & Business".

SLS Location (Rohtas Branch Jhelum):
SLS is located in historical city Jhelum (Pakistan) on historical road called Rohtas Road which lead to the Rohtas Fort. SLS is about Half (0.5) Kilometer from G.T Road (Main Highway). Jhelum is about at 1 hour drive from capital city of Pakistan Islamabad.

SLS  Location (City Branch Jhelum):
SLS City Branch Jhelum is also located in historical city Jhelum (Pakistan) on Civil Lines which is central road in Jhelum City and is about three (3) Kilometer from G.T Road (Main Highway) Cant Chowk Jhelum. Jhelum is about at 1 hour drive from capital city of Pakistan Islamabad.

SLS  Location (Islamabad Branch):
SLS Islamabad Branch is located in capital city of Pakistan Islamabad in Blue Area, Fazl-e-Haq Road which is busiest commercial area of Islamabad about at 20 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport.

SLS  Facilities :
All branches of SLS  committed to providing you with a high quality education, services and career which will broaden your horizons and develop the skills which will enable you to compete successfully in the global marketplace. The lecture rooms, laboratories and equipment of a modern and reputable college are a vital factor in its successful functioning. SLS Rohtas Branch is housed in historical city Jhelum on historical road called Rohtas Road which leads to Rohtas Fort, thus permitting the students to observe and take part in cultural activities and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city. All the branches are easily accessible through Roads, Railway Stations and Air Ports.

Administration and Faculty :
The quality of our services & education is a mirror image of our faculty. The dedicated faculty and staff of SLS College take a personal interest in each studentís & success. Working together, faculty members and students create and nurture




Sarfraz Malik

M.D SLS International


Cell: +92 300 95 25 802

e: SLSPK@hotmail.com



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Sarfraz Malik (SLS_College)

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